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"YYC Business Video Interview"
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  • Social video generates 1200% MORE SHARES than text and image content combined
  • ​Social media posts with video have 48% MORE VIEWS
  • ​A Facebook executive predicted that their platform will be ALL VIDEO and no text by 2022
  • ​92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others
video works... and LIVE video is very, very powerful.

the time for half measures is over

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You get Your
Exclusive Custom Video Series

total of five (5) videos

  • Full Interview
  • ​Four Mini Clips

professionally produced

  •  Custom Backdrops
  • ​Title Lines and Captions
  • ​Proven Expertise to Increase Engagement

publication, distribution & promotion

  • ​Four Week Campaign
  • ​www.yyccalgarybusiness.ca
  • ​YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter
Tell Your Story On
Risky Business
These interviews have been of a confidential nature but now – for the first time – Tim is bringing a selection of these priceless business encounters to your screen in order to share incredible lessons in both life and business. 

The Risky Business video series highlights the importance of cyber security and the risk landscape businesses face online.   The depth of ideas and insight can help you strengthen your business and keep you and your clients safe.

Tim Thomson
Tim has spent 16 years driving sales and business operations for NSI, which he founded in 2003. Before that, Tim spent 10 years training for Microsoft
throughout North America. During this time, he had the opportunity to deliver high-end MS training to their key partners on securing Active Directory, Exchange and endpoint deployments.

In 2008, Tim created and built Data Authority Inc (DAI), a secure online backup company in Western Canada. During that time Tim was instrumental in creating a managed security services platform (MSSP), forming Universal Security Group 3.0 Inc. to provide additional value-added services to both DAI and USG3 customers. With the adoption of cloud-based SaaS solutions Tim and his team
created a holistic end-to-end MSSP solution for the SMB marketplace.

Tim has been helping companies align their cybersecurity, privacy, compliance and governance to optimize their business through service and solution consulting. He has a track record of improving risk resiliency through secure
architecture design, information risk management, business requirements development, and security policy life-cycle management.
Accelerate Your Digital Influence In Just 1 Step

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Pre-Interview Marketing Meeting

  • Market - Defining your target audience 
  • ​Message - Create your specific message & CTA Offer
  • Guidelines & Tips - messaging and how to look good on video


  • Studio - Videographer to shoot
  • ​Remote - Host to schedule video calls
  • On-Site video shoot available for an upcharge fee


  • Cropping the raw footage
  • ​Adding branding, music and B-Roll (if applicable)
  • ​Create captivating thumbnails with captions and text overlays
  • ​Call to Actions and Intro/Outros

Pre-Launch Meeting

  •  Episode review (Segments, Thumbnails, Captions)
  • ​ Sign-off Approval
  • ​ Release Schedule - Media – Cross Promotion Plan
  • ​Tips and Tricks to amplify reach

Publication, Distribution & Social Media Promotion

  • Four Week Campaign
  • ​Weekly posting on YYCCalgaryBusiness.ca & social media channels.
  • ​YYC Business influencers share your videos to maximize your exposure.


The combination of professionally produced content and an influential network will give you a sizable head start and considerable momentum.  Don't let it stop there!  I will meet with you post interview to coach you on how to keep the momentum going and what your next steps could be.

Evergreen Impact

You will receive all professionally produced content pieces so you can keep the momentum going and use in your digital marketing program.
Art of the Possible 
Power of the Exponential
Not a Matter of IF BUT When

Tim Thomson
Remember, here's the deal!
When You Purchase a Spot on "Risk Business"...
  •  Instant access to Interview Tips and Tricks ($800 Value)
  • ​Pre-interview strategy session to highlight your best stories to drive real results ($400 Value)
  • ​Professional interview with 5 pieces of professionally produced content ($5,750 Value)
  • ​​Pre-Launch strategy session to provide overall release and amplification strategy and tips($400 Value)
  • Your story shared on multiple social media platforms, the YYC Business site and skyrocketed with proven Network Amplification Techniques                       ($ 3,800 Value)
Total Value: $12,700
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