The time for half measures is over
Accelerate Your Digital Influence in a Single Step!
Engaging new clients in the digital world is difficult
More and more potential clients are online
It is harder to engage and build relationships

Let's face it we are all struggling with economic uncertainty
Change is an Opportunity for Growth
Word of mouth can only get you so far.  How big do you want to dream?
What if you could tell your story to 60,000+ people every week?
Take your marketing digital with LinkedIn
Use our Tips and Tricks sheet to get ready

Jump in with a SPLASH and ride that momentum
on the way to new business
Digital Marketing Saved Our Business
In March of 2020 when COVID hit we lost 80% of our business.  Now, business is booming and we've never been busier.
We had a choice.  Panic and give into a victim mentality, or lean in.  So we leaned in to digital.

We spent the next 4 months learning everything we could about digital marketing, telling stories, sharing content and gaining new business.

It turns out one of the better ideas to come out of that was to interview experts about business, produce and post it for free in the hopes that others would find it valuable.

Our Enta Asks show was noticed on LinkedIn and picked up by MegaPixx Media!
Adam and Katelyn
We are Enta Solutions and we believe in perpetual EPICness.

We figured if we were going to take our marketing digital, we better do it EPIC.  And it worked.  

Now 2/3 of our clients are directly from our LinkedIn out reach program and we've never been busier.  Leaning into digital saved our business.

So now we get to share YOUR story with the incredibly engaged network of Calgary Business and MegaPixx Media!
Imagine if you didn't have to learn everything and start from scratch.
We will give you the content and the network to launch into a sizable head start...
Go Digital
Grow Your Leads
Tell Your Story on Enta Asks!
Let us teach you what we learned.  We'll meet with you pre-interview to strategically discuss your story and how to tell it.  Then the interview is the easy part!  MegaPixx Media will professionally produce your content, and we will meet with you post-interview to discuss how to maintain the huge surge in momentum you will get from this experience.
Accelerate Your Digital Influence in Just 1 Step
Sign UP
You already have access to our Dig Into Digital Tips and Tricks.  This will tell you how to build your LinkedIn profile, how to structure content, how to tag and share and how to use the system to maximize your reach.

You will also receive a questionnaire asking you pointed questions about your origin story and what makes you and your business EPIC!
Meet with us for a one on one session to go over your strategy.  We will coach you how to tell your story in a captivating way, we will plan the questions and the answers so that when we do the interview, it is a fun and exciting experience.
MegaPixx media will professionally produce your video interview and break it into 5 digestible segments.  You will get the raw files for each segment as well as the full video.  In addition, your video clips will be posted on the Calgary Business online network on both Twitter and LinkedIn.  Enta Solutions will also share your videos which will maximize your exposure.
The combination of professionally produced content and an influential network will give you a sizable head start and considerable momentum.  Don't let it stop there!  We will meet with you post interview to coach you on how to keep the momentum going and what your next steps could be.
We're in this together
If we could help a single business create the success that we've seen in our own business, then we would call this initiative a success. 

Let's hold each other up.

Let's succeed together.


Adam & Katelyn
Remember, here's the deal!
When You Purchase a Spot on Enta Asks...
  •  Instant access to Dig into Digital Tips and Tricks ($650 Value)
  • ​Pre-interview strategy session and professional interview with 4 pieces of professionally produced content ($1250 Value)
  •  Your story shared on an established influential network ($3500 Value)
  • Post interview strategy session on how to maintain momentum ($350 Value)
Total Value: $5750
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $995
+5% GST
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